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Recital Times
Dress Rehearsals and Shows 
2020-2021 Season
Classes Begin on/after SEPTEMBER 1st

Due to unusual circumstances this year, there will be a few changes to the Fall Schedule:

We WILL be having class on Labor Day 

We will NOT have a Fall Break this year

Classes will continue from September 1st through November, until our first small break which will begin on Thursday November 26th. 

There will be No classes on November 26th-29th...classes resume Monday November 30th.

Winter Break will begin on Tuesday December 22nd

There will be no classes on December 22nd through January 3rd...classes resume Monday January 4th.
Spring 2021

January 4th  Classes Resume

March 6th Opening Scene 
                 Times are general.  A more detailed schedule within those hours                                     will come at a later date.               
                 4:30-6:30pm (Ages 8-9) 
                 6:30-8:30pm (Ages 10-11)
                 8:30-10:15pm (Ages 12 and up)

March 13th Opening Scene (see email for your group)
                 4:30-5:05pm 8-9 year first group 
                 5:10-5:50pm 8-9 year second group
                 6:00-6:35pm 10-11 year first group
                 6:45-7:20pm 10-11 year second group
                 7:30-8:05pm 12&up first group
                 8:15-8:50pm 12&up second group
                 9:00-9:45pm Ten Year Students

March 22 - April 4  No Classes (Spring Break)

April 5  Classes Resume

April 15 Recital Fee Due ($75 includes recital video)

April 17th Character Practice (4:45-10:00pm)

April 24th  Opening Scene Shows 1-3  (Anytime between 4:30-8:00pm)

May 1st Opening Scene Shows 4-6  (Anytime between 4:30-8:00pm)

May 8th Opening Scene Shows 1-3  (Anytime between 4:30-8:00pm)

May 15th Opening Scene Shows 4-6  (Anytime between 4:30-8:00pm)

May 21st Last Day of Classes

May 22 Studio Practices and Character Meet and Greets

Tuesday June 1st  IYBC “La Fille” Lighting and Staging Rehearsal 6:00pm

Wednesday June 2nd  IYBC “La Fille” Rehearsal Matinee Cast 6:00pm

Thursday June 3rd  IYBC “La Fille” Rehearsal Evening Cast 6:00pm

Saturday June 5th  IYBC “La Fille” Matinee Performance 1:00pm

  IYBC “La Fille” Evening Performance 6:00pm

Sunday June 6th  Show 1 Dress Rehearsal 9:00am

  Show 2 Dress Rehearsal 1:00pm

  Show 3 Dress Rehearsal 4:00pm

  Show 4 Dress Rehearsal 7:00pm

Monday June 7th  Show 5 Dress Rehearsal 6:30pm

Tuesday June 8th  Show 6 Dress Rehearsal 6:30pm

Wednesday June 9th  Show 1 Recital 7:00pm

Friday June 11th  Show 2 Recital 7:00pm

 Saturday June 12th  

  Show 3 Recital 10:00am

  Show 4 Recital 1:00pm

  Show 5 Recital 4:00pm

  Show 6 Recital 7:00pm