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Recital Times
Dress Rehearsals and Shows 
 (Franklin Performing Arts Center)

SHOW Times
(Franklin Performing Arts Center)

Important IYBC Dates 
To Be Determined
To Be Determined
To Be Determined
2019-2020 Season
First Semester Fall 2019

August 19 First Day of Class (pick up fundraiser and show assignment)

September 2 No Classes (Monday Labor Day)

October 6 - 19 No Classes (Fall Break)

October 24 -30 Announcing Show Theme / Ordering Costumes 

October 31 No Evening Classes (3:00pm or later)

November 2 Auditions for Recital Character Roles (age 6 as of July.1st, 2019)

November 16 Last Day to turn in Costume Money (estimated $150 total for both costumes)

November 16 Cookie Dough Pick Up

November 28 - Dec 1 No Classes

December 22 - January 4 No Classes (Winter Break)

Second Semester Winter/Spring 2020

January 5 Classes Resume

January 10 -12 Revel Dance Convention (If interested, ask your teacher for details)

Feb 1 Recital Fee Due

February 17-22 IYBC Ballet Performances

February 29 Opening Scene 

March 14 Opening Scene 

March 22 - April 4 No Classes (Spring Break)

April 5 Classes Resume

April 11 Character Practice

April 25 Teacher/Character Run Through 

May 9 Opening Scene

May 16 Opening Scene

May 18 Last Day of Classes

May 19-22 In Studio Practices

May 26-28 In Studio Practices

May 29-June 8 Tippy Toes Dress Rehearsals and Recitals