Mackenzie Smith
Relevé Dance Ensemble
 Relevé: the ballet term meaning “rising up onto the toes or the tips of the toes" 

What a fitting name for the Tippy Toes School of Dance performance group! 
This ensemble is a collection of Tippy Toes students who truly appreciate the performing art of dance.  

While Tippy Toes has many recreational dancers who only meet once a week,  we wanted to provide a program for those that desire to excel in this art form.  

Since dance is a performing art we are dedicated to giving this ensemble many opportunities to perform throughout the year, participating in dance conventions, free community performances, an end of the year RDE show, as well as performing in all nine of the Tippy Toes recitals. While still keeping the emphasis on ballet and tap, RDE members  study other forms of dance such as jazz, lyrical, contemporary, swing, and musical theatre.

*We have a junior apprentice group .  If your daughter is interested in taking on more dance lessons and possibly being a company member in the future, please use the contact button to let us know you are interested.   The next step would be to sign up for a technique class.  Then attend both IYBC ballet audition and the recital audition in the fall.  Teachers will evaluate interested students during these auditions.  Please note that after a student is evaluated she must receive an invitation to participate.  

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Amanda Goins
​Former RDE student-Valerie Rockey!

Valerie came to us a spunky, fun, smart little cookie at the age of 3. She was trained at Tippy Toes until she graduated high school a few years ago. Many of our students remember her as MISS Valerie,as she was a teacher on our faculty as well. We hope some day she will come back to our studio. But until then, you can keep up with her on Fox's SYTYCD reality dance show, where she is tapping into the hearts of the audience and showing off her Tippy Toes training! 
Maya Adkins
One of the original members of RDE, Valerie Rockey, 
Top Girl for Season 11 of
Fox's So You Think You Can Dance

1.  ATTEND CLASSES ON TIME CONSISTENTLY.  It is crucial for company members to take all of their required ballet classes regularly and arrive ON TIME.  (Excessive tardiness will be addressed if needed).  Members must maintain a minimum 75% ballet attendance record to stay in company.  A member who misses 25% or more of his/her required ballet classes will be dismissed from RDE.

2.  ADHERE TO THE COMPANY DRESS CODE AND CONDUCT.  If a company mamber enters a class wearing inappropriate clothing he/she will be dismissed from classs for the remainder of the day.  No jewelry is allowed in class.  No pro-rating or make-ups will be allotted.  Dancers will be dismissed from class for poor attitude, disrespect, and/or any negative behavior.

3.  RESPECT, BE MATURE, COMPROMISE.  Company members are highly encouraged to respect each other and to maintain healthy relationships,camaraderie, and teamwork-at the studio, in class, during rehearsals, and at all company events.

4.  ATTEND RDE MANDATORY REHEARSALS AND GUEST CHOREOGRAPHER SESSIONS.  If a member fails to attend, he or she may be immediately dismissed from RDE.

5.  BE AN EXAMPLE- AN EXCEPTIONAL ONE.  RDE dancers are representatives of Tippy Toes School of Dance; they should act accordingly at all times, in and out of the studio.  Company members should be ambassadors to all Tippy Toes dancers, guests, and associates.  They should set the example with professional,exemplary behavior.

6. K.I.S.S.=KEEP IT SIMPLE, SWEETHEART.  Excessive jewelry should not be worn in any class.  Good personal hygiene must be maintained at all times.  No "stick-on tattoos".  Tasteful dance apparel should be worn.  

7.  WEAR IT WITH A SMILE.  When going to competitions/conventions, performances, or events, company dancers must wear the appropriate, designated dance attire as selected by the artistic directors.  

8.  YOU'RE OKAY, I'M OKAY.  Any behavior (parent or dancer) deemed inappropriate by directors may be a cause for dismissal.  All members are expected and required to follow all rules, regulations, policies, guidelines, and obligations set forth by RDE and Tippy Toes.  


* I will maintain a positive attitude as an RDE member.  I will have a willing spirit to learn.  I will respect the owners/artistic directors, Tippy Toes staff, and my dance team members for their hard work and determination.  I will acknowledge them in greeting and in parting, being friendly and kind to all individuals at the studio.  I will NOT gossip or spread negative remarks online, or on studio premises.  If I have a concern or problem, I will consult directors or staff only.

I will follow all the rules and set a good example for others.  I will accept all consequences with grace, dignity, and professionalism if I fail to follow rules.  I will show good sportsmanship at the studio and all outings including conventions.  I will support my fellow teammates that receive awards/scholarships, and respect other studios that may receive a higher score.  I will not argue to hold a trophy or show any discourteous behavior to directors, faculty, staff, or parents while participating and representing RDE.

​*  I will come to class on time and be ready and willing to work, putting forth my best effort.  I will give 100% in all my classes, during rehearsals, at conventions, and all performances and events.  I will not disrespect the directors, Tippy Toes staff, or team members with gossip and or inappropriate conversation.  I will NOT complain, but rather show gratitude and appreciation for the privilege of taking classes at the studio and at conventions.

* I will appreciate the constructive critique and evaluations from my teachers and/or the directors.  I will remember that "corrections" are compliments.  I will NOT be jealous of others who "get" what I may want (ie an award, scholarship, part in a dance, etc.)  I understand and accept that all choreography is at the sole discretion of the teacher/choreographer and that there will be absolutely NO "Dance Moms" behavior.

* I will take good care of dance costumes and any other materials given to me.  I will check my costumes BEFORE every convention or performance to avoid stress and frustration.  I will be responsible.

* I will have a fun-filled and exciting dance year, which will remain in my heart forever.  I will respect the efforts of my parents, family members, and all Tippy Toes associates in developing my training.  I will give PROPER notice if deciding to leave RDE after the current season by waiting until after we finish the season to discuss with other families, friends, team members, etc.  I understand that telling others my decision to leave before the season is complete weakens the team, causes undue stress on fellow dancers, and is extremely disrespectful to directors and all who have given their effort to help all RDE members succeed. 
General Policy

Tippy Toes consists of the finest instructors and choreographers.  They are here to give you 100% of their attention and energy.  In return,they expect 100% of your attention and energy.  They expect you to work hard, be kind, and have fun.  Company members may take additional classes that are "Master Classes" or Conventions.  However members do not attend "local" studio classes and summer intensives  due to conflicting philoshopies, techniques, and "level" of instruction.


All RDE classes require mandatory attendance.  With that said, dancers may be excused for missing (10) company classes.  Choose carefullly.

"Life" happens! Dancers have projects, commitments, injuries, mandatory school  events etc.  This is why we permit 10 absences per year. 

1.  DANCERS ARE PERMITTED 10 RDE CLASS ABSENCES PER YEAR.  If this is exceeded they will be dismissed from the company. They may not miss when choreography is being set by Gina or a mandatory rehearsal/parent's night out.   If a dancer can not make a choreography session, they are NOT dismissed from company.  They will however, not be in that piece of choreography. 

2. LET'S DISCUSS A MAJOR ILLNESS OR INJURY!   Any dancer who misses two consecutive conventions or competitions (due to illness, injury or family obligation) will be dismissed from company.  They will be eligible to audition for the next season.  This difficult decision was made due to the excessive hours needed to understudy and hold extra rehearsals.  This is not a penalty for becoming ill or injured.  The "guessing" and/or "estimated" time of an injury or illness affects all team members, along with the dancer who is "recovering".  Immediate conference with  the directors will be required for any dancer who has missed or watched (in attendance, but unable to dance full out) four consecutive company classes or rehearsals.  Determination will be made two weeks before a convention as to the dancer's ability to perform.  Dancers with illness or injury may not be eligible to attend upcoming performances, convention or competition.  Again, dancers situation will be reviewed and directors will make final and best decision for said dancers and the entire RDE company.  Dancers who become seriously injured/ill one to seven days before an event will automatically be understudied, or time permitting, number will be restaged.  If attending a convention the dancer must be able to attend 50 percent of the convention classes.  If unable to dance 50 percent of the convention classes the dancer may NOT compete.

Kassidy Soelter
Emily Hudson
Savannah Venter
Emma Nielsen
Hannah Morgan
Erin Herwehe
Sofia Nool
Brianna Gogis
Nicole Azar
Ava Czap
Emerson Wendling
Ava Chizum
Haylie Blumb

Isabella Feldman

RDE Alumni working professionally in the Dance Field
Valerie Rockey

"So You Think You Can Dance" Runner up Winner of Season 11, Revel Dance Convention Tap Faculty, Actor/Dancer (TV shows such as Disney's Bunk'd)

Grace Bowling

NFL Colt's Cheerleader

Olivia Smith

NBA Pacemate

Jessi Pollard

 NBA Pacemate

Marah LeMasters

Mae Lakstins

Janelle Shively