Our basic class is a combination of ballet and tap
The  2020-2021 dance year runs from September 1st - May 


  • ages 15 months-36 months
  • half an hour class
  • meets once a week
  • two payment options
          monthly or by semester
  • $45/month or     
  • $180/Fall Semester             $225/ Spring Semester


  • ages 5-6 (as of Sept.1)
  • forty-five minute class
  • meets once a week
  • same price as Preschool



  • ages 2-4 (as of Sept. 1)
  • forty-five minute class
  • meets once a week
  • two payment options monthly or by semester
  • $50/month or 
  • $200/Fall Semester     
          $250/Spring Semester


  • placed by level not age
  • forty-five minute class
  • meets once a week
  • same price as Preschool

Students in the Mommy and Me, Preschool, Beginner, and Elementary 1 levels can wear a leotard of any color, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and tan tap shoes (no laces). Skirts, ballet wrap sweaters, and tutus are optional.

All other levels must wear a solid dark leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and tan buckled tap shoes. Dance Levels Intermediate 3 and up, must have black lace-up tap shoes.  Ballet sweater, leg warmers, and skirts are optional, but must be approved by your teacher. Hair must be in a bun. 

No street clothes are to be worn in class (shorts, pants, t-shirts, oversized sweaters etc) A student will not be permitted to dance if they are not following this rule. They will be asked to sit and observe class.

Where do I buy my dance wear?


Tuition is a flat fee regardless of days missed by Holidays, snow cancellations, or student's absence.

If you miss a class, you may make up your lesson by attending another class of the same level (classes missed due to a holiday cannot be made up).  Sign up for make up times is done through your teacher.

We do not accept cash, checks or money orders at the studio.  Online payments are accepted through our website.

If you are paying by the month and miss a payment, there is a $5 late fee.  Monthly payments are due your first lesson of each month.

Our dance year runs from late August to May. 
You are welcome to pay by the month.  A student may quit at anytime.  However there are no refunds.  If the student decides to return later in the dance year, a re-enrollment payment will be due of $50.


The third sibling (the youngest) in dance receives a $10 discount off each month for each of his/her classes.

If a student takes more than once a week, each additional class is discounted $10 a month.  


Tippy Toes offers an all ballet class that strictly focuses on ballet technique and/or pointe work.  In order to participate a student must be currently enrolled in a combo class at our studio. 

Technique classes: for students age 7 as of August 1, through age 10-11 (if a student turns 11 by August 1 then they MUST SIGN UP FOR  a pointe class INSTEAD).  Technique class is 45 minutes in length and cost $50/month.  

Pointe Classes: for students age 11 as of August 1.  Pointe Class is 1 hour and 15 minutes in length and cost $60/month.  (Some students at this age may not be ready to go up on pointe. They may be asked to purchase demi-pointe shoes until the teacher recommends going up onto pointe.)

However remember your second class is always discounted at Tippy Toes. Here are examples of monthly tuition for those involved in more than one class:

45min. Combo Class ($50) + 
45min. Technique Class (discounted to $40)=

45min. Combo Class ($50) +
1 hr. 15 min. Pointe Class (discounted to $50)=



Tippy Toes offers the parents a chance to watch each and every class.

One seat per student is provided for a visitor in each class.  

These seats are in the same room as the dancers. Half walls were specially built for Tippy Toes to separate the dance floor from the observation area.  Many of our younger students feel most comfortable in this setting and we believe that the whole experience should be just as fun for the parents as it is for the kids.  Many of our parents treasure the moments spent in the dance room.

​With this privilege we ask that parents consider the following.  

We should only have one teacher in the room. Parents coaching from the observation seats is not appropriate. We ask that parents keep their voices down so that the class will not be disrupted.  If a parent truly needs to say something to his/her child, it would be best if they quietly call the child over and whisper the message.  

Additional guests may watch the class through windows.  They are always open.

A Class is full when it has reached the following amount of students:

10 students- Mommy & Me
10 students- Preschool Class
12 students- Beginning & Elementary I Class
14 students- Elementary II 
15 students- Intermediate
18 students-Advanced Class
25 students- IYBC Class

*A class must have a mininum of 4 students.  If there are less than four students enrolled in a particular class, the teacher may  choose to either shorten the class time or cancel the class.

​Sweet Endings!
At the end of each class, students are offered a small treat to reward them for a job well done.  To help with this we ask that parents donate one bag of treats sometime during the dance year.  A small bag of Tootsie Rolls or Dum Dum Suckers are the most common donations. If your child has allergies please inform your teacher at the first class. 

    Tippy Toes Performances

Each dance year ends with a great celebration!  
Our recitals (usually scheduled for the last of May or beginning of June) are the highlight of the year for the students.   

Costumes are ordered in December.  An average costume costs $60.  Preschool and above classes order two costumes: one for ballet and one for tap.  The ballet dance will include multiple classes on the stage as  a production number, while each class has their own tap number. Mommy and Me students only participate in a ballet dance for the show.  Additional items to be purchased include tights, hats, gloves etc.  A fundraiser is held each fall to help parents with these costs.   A recital fee of $45 per family is collected in the spring to offset the cost of the auditorium rental, back drops, special effects, props etc.

Attendance at the dress rehearsal is mandatory if a student wants to participate.  Family vacations are unexcused.  Dates for the dress rehearsal and recital will be posted before December so a parent will know whether or not to order the costumes.

Parents minds can rest at ease.  Our costuming and song choices are always age appropriate.  We really strive to maintain a family friendly atmosphere.  You can invite your family and friends to our show with confidence, knowing that everything will be tasteful and age appropriate.

Recitals are optional for Mommy and Me and Preschool Classes, but highly recommended. 

We love our shows and think you will also!
Come join the fun and let the memories begin!

         Classes for Special Needs         Students are Available

For over a decade, Tippy Toes School of Dance has offered ballet and tap lessons to students with special needs. We believe that every child should have an opportunity to participate and learn to love the art of dance. Every year, the class performs a ballet dance in our annual recital to gain the experience of dressing up a like a princess or a prince and performing on stage. In the past, we have had children with walkers, wheelchairs, and students with the aide of a loving hand of a teacher dance for their families and shine on stage. 

The weekly 45 minute class consists of learning the fundamentals of ballet and tap and many different songs and props to make it a fun learning experience. Some of the learning tools we use include kites, baby dolls, ponies, stuffed animals, pom poms, scarves, drums, snowflakes, butterfly and bee wings, monkey tails, parachutes, and many Disney characters and songs just to name a few.  

Miss Christie is the head of the special needs program at Tippy Toes.  We would love to answer any questions that you may have regarding this opportunity.  You may discuss your interest through the "contact us" button.  The Special Needs class will be held on Saturdays at 12:00 pm for the 2018-2019 dance year.

What is Tippy Toes?

With over 35 years of experience, Tippy Toes has been the premier studio in the Indianapolis area to specialize in preschool dance with a strong emphasis on ballet.

Here are a few words to describe us:

FAMILY FRIENDLY (theme, moves, costumes)

RECREATIONAL (we strive to have fun while learning)

AFFORDABLE (no registration fee and low tuition)

POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT (teachers that smile)

*For the more serious student we have formed our own ballet company called the ♥Indianapolis Youth Ballet Company and the elite Relevé Dance Ensemble.  See the tabs above for more details.  

Balanced Calendar

Tippy Toes has decided to follow Franklin Township's school schedule for Fall, Winter, and Spring Break. This gives our families more opportunities to take vacations throughout the year without missing class. As a result dance classes begin earlier this year.  Also, we have extended our dance classes later in May than usual.  Tuition payments remain the same. There is a certain cost for each semester that can be broken into monthly payments. If you choose to  pay monthly instead of by the semester, it is  a flat monthly payment regardless of the number of classes in each month (with the exception of the August class.  There is no payment due for August.  We also do not charge a registration fee).  Some days of the week may have less dance classes when adding them up for the year.  
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NOW accepting NEW students
Please scroll down and select a class from one of the available levels.  Make sure that your child meets the criteria for the class that you are choosing.  Complete the online form, and you will receive an email confirmation of your class, day/time, and teacher.  

No Registration Fee, Pay By the Month, Prices starting at $45/month
If you have any questions, simply use the "contact us" button at the top of the page, or call:
Ben Manship (317-709-8077)
Mommy and Me Ballet/Tap Combination Class $45/MONTH
(for students age 15mos-36mos as of Sept 1st)
options will be available July 1st
Beginner Ballet/Tap Combination Class $50/MONTH
(must be at least 5 years old as of Sept 1st)
options will be available July 1st
Preschool Ballet/Tap Combination Class $50/MONTH
(for students age 2-4 years as of Sept 1st)
options will be available July 1st
Elementary 1 Ballet/Tap Combination Class $50/MONTH
(must be at least 6 years old as of Sept 1st)
options will be available on July 1st
Elementary 2 Ballet/Tap Combination Class $50/MONTH
(must be at least 7 years old as of Sept 1st)
options will be available on July 1st
For Current Students:  Please click on this link in order to register online
  During these uncertain times, one thing that we are certain of is the value of education in the art of dance and expression through movement. Here at Tippy Toes School of Dance, we are excited about the classes that we will be offering to your little ones during our Fall Season beginning on September 1st. At the same time, we recognize that this upcoming season will be different than any other. The pandemic has made it necessary for us to take careful precautions to contribute to the safety of our students and staff. With that in mind, please take a moment to consider some of the following announcements regarding the format of our classes beginning September 1st.

1.HYBRID SCHEDULE: We have adjusted many classes to a size which allows students to come in each week. However, some classes will be held using a “hybrid” schedule to allow for social distancing. For hybrid classes, your student will have the opportunity to attend selected classes in-person at the studio for part of each month, and over live streaming for the other part of the month (Hybrid details/schedules will be sent out before September 1st). Students who wish to only take live-online are welcome to participate in class virtually each week.

2.WHO CAN ENTER: Only students and staff will be allowed to remain in the building. Siblings are not allowed to enter the building, and parents cannot remain in the building during classes. The participating parent of a “mommy and me” class is an exception to this rule. Parents of Preschool and Beginner levels will also be allowed to observe from social distancing points within the studio. (All other parents are welcome to observe the class through Zoom)

3.FACE COVERINGS: All those entering the building are required to wear a face covering during the entire time that they are in the building. For dancers, please use a face covering that is very breathable (dancers age 2 and younger will not be required to wear a face covering)

  Thank you in advance for your careful consideration of these necessary precautions, and please stay tuned for further details. Thank you for all your support, and we will be happy to see you soon!

Parent Portal: 
For currently registered students
Please use this Capezio link to shop for and order your dance equipment at our TippyToes/Capezio online store (shoe sizing kits are available at the studio).
To log in please use the passcode 
(all capital letters): TTSD