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If you have a question about your account please contact the studio manager

 Ben Manship 317-709-8077
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Classes for Special Needs Students are Available

For over a decade, Tippy Toes School of Dance has offered ballet and tap lessons to students with special needs. We believe that every child should have an opportunity to participate and learn to love the art of dance. Every year, the class performs a ballet dance in our annual recital to gain the experience of dressing up a like a princess or a prince and performing on stage. In the past, we have had children with walkers, wheelchairs, and students with the aide of a loving hand of a teacher dance for their families and shine on stage. 

The weekly 45 minute class consists of learning the fundamentals of ballet and tap and many different songs and props to make it a fun learning experience. Some of the learning tools we use include kites, baby dolls, ponies, stuffed animals, pom poms, scarves, drums, snowflakes, butterfly and bee wings, monkey tails, parachutes, and many Disney characters and songs just to name a few.  

Miss Christie is the head of the special needs program at Tippy Toes. She would love to answer any questions you may have regarding this opportunity.  

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There will be no open seating. All guests must present a ticket to be admitted to the recital. Each ticket has a seat assignment. 

No complimentary tickets will be handed out this year.  All ticket sales will go through Franklin Performing Art Center.  Each dance family will receive a coupon code that will credit them $24 at check out.  This coupon code will be unique to each family and can only be used once.  You will choose your seating assignment.  This way families can sit together.  Tickets will be of varying cost.  
When do they go on sale?
TBD...Stay tuned...

In order for a student’s name to appear in the recital program, tuition accounts must be up to date. A recital fee was due in April. If you have a question about your account, please call Ben Manship at 709-8077. A sample program will be posted in the hallway of the studio the last two weeks of class. Please check that your child’s name is spelled correctly in both ballet and tap numbers. If there is a mistake, please correct it with a red pen.

Dress Rehearsal and Recital are both held at Franklin Community High School’s Performing Arts Center 2600 Cumberland Dr. Franklin IN 46131 The High School is off of US31. While traveling south, you will turn right (across from a KFC).

Dress Rehearsal
Please arrive at least a half an hour before the start time.  
Each parent is responsible for their own child during the entire rehearsal. We only have enough room for one parent per child. Look for your dressing area, which are organized by dances. Knowing the name of his/her dances is very valuable at this point. Students are to dress the way they will at recital. So do not “save your tights” for recital. After your last dance, please stay to practice finale. This also would be a good day to familiarize yourself with the seating in the auditorium and locate your assigned ticketed seats.  

Please arrive at least a half an hour before the start time.  
Again, you are responsible for your child during the show.  
Mothers usually watch the dances from the side of the stage and therefore don’t need a ticket. Students are not allowed in the lobby or auditorium the day of the show. There will be no intermission and things will run more quickly than dress rehearsal, so be ready!

All pieces of your costume must be worn as instructed by the studio.

Backstage Life
You may bring small non greasy snacks and water only. To help the children stay entertained backstage, many parents have brought toys, books, DVD players etc. But keep in mind the show will go a little quicker than last year. There may not be as much downtime. If there is time, students may watch some of the rehearsal from the audience (please note this is only for dress rehearsal, not the actual show).  
You may not have a “room” to dress in. It may be an “area” or”hallway”

The Prize Basket!
After each dance make sure your little dancer receives a small prize out of our prize basket! It will be sitting on stage right and it may be hard to find in the dark. But the children love this!  

Flesh Colored Leotard
We have many volunteers backstage that are male. For modesty reasons all older students must wear a flesh colored leotard under their costumes. So when changing, they should never be unclothed. Wear tights over the leotard. Older students may also wear bra pasties (bra stickers) under the flesh colored leotard for extra modesty. You may be dressing in a hallway.

We do allow photography and videotaping. However tripods are not allowed. If you would like to purchase a copy of the entire show, look for the DVD sale stand.  

Tippy Toes is closed for the summer.  If you are interested in signing up for a summer dance camp week, email Miss Ashley at [email protected]

Fall Registration
During the month of May, current students can sign up for Fall Classes. New student registration begins July 1st. Your teacher will hand out a pre registration form soon. Please turn that in before your last class in May. For registration questions, please contact Mr. Ben 317-709-8077 or email by using the "contact us" button above.

Tuition must be up to date in order to register.

Oh, Goody, Goody!

It takes a lot of bravery to perform in front of an audience. We here at Tippy Toes believe in rewarding these efforts. At the end of the show, we award each child with their very own medal. Make sure you don’t leave without getting your medal. Teachers are not responsible for holding on to medals and meeting students during the summer. To make it even more festive, we ask that parents donate candy or small trinket toys to put in a “Goody Bag” for each student. You don’t have to buy expensive toys. No one should be asked to spend more than $5 total. A bag of candy that costs $3 or sheets of stickers are good ideas. We ask that one mother from each class head up the goody bag collection. She will be responsible to buy the bags, fill them with all that is collected, and hand them out at the end of the finale while the students are sitting on the stage. A trend last year that we observed is parents handing them out before the show. Their reasoning was that it kept the kids busy backstage. However the thought behind this gift is that it is a reward for a job well done. Thank you for your help with this “end of the show celebration”!

A Note About Makeup and Hair
Students are not required to wear makeup. However the stage lights do wash you out. So if you choose to put on makeup for the show we recommend neutrals (browns, whites, tans) for eye color. Pink blush and deep red or pink lips is a good choice. Glitter is optional. We do ask that you follow your teacher’s rules about hairstyle. However buying fake hair for tap numbers should never be pushed on anyone. It is simply an option in place of styling your own hair.  

Your Dress Rehearsal and Recital will be a different time of day!
Some assumed it would be the same time
as the week before and missed their recital!

Character Auditions 

If you child would like to be more involved in the recital, he/she may audition for a special character role in the recital.

This is a no cut audition.  If your child does not get cast as a character, everyone who attends the audition (and only those that attend) will be invited to perform in the opening dance of the show. This is usually a musical theatre or jazz dance.  For those that are interested in a different style of dance they will love the opening scene dance. 

Being involved in extra parts does involve extra costs.  There will be extra rehearsals (approx. 4 practices at $10 each).  A costume for a character role and/or opening scene will need to be purchased.

We cannot guarantee that characters will be cast in the same show as their combo class dances.  But we can make sure they dance in the opening scene in the correct show.

Check the calendar page for dates.

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